The Emblazoned Runeblade

Search the weapon racks in Ebon Hold for a Battle-worn Sword and then use it on a runeforge to craft a Runebladed Sword.

Return the Runebladed Sword to Instructor Razuvious in Ebon Hold.
Runebladed Sword


The single most important piece of equipment to a death knight is the runeblade. It is through the runeblade that a death knight commands the powers of frost, blood and the unholy. The runeblade also acts as a vessel to store the death knight's runic power.

The time has come to create your first runeblade. Search the weapon racks on this floor and locate a battle-worn sword. Once found, take the sword to a nearby runeforge and use it to create a runeblade.




You will learn:
Runeforging Runeforging
You will also receive:
Runed Soulblade


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16,340 experience