Blackrock Spire

Quick Facts


  • Highlord Omokk – Omokk rules over the spire's ogres with an iron fist. Many underlings have challenged him to single combat in the hopes of seizing the highlord's title, but all have fallen without landing a solitary blow. This mysterious phenomenon has led to rumors that dark magic is protecting Omokk.
  • Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin – Vosh'gajin is renowned for her beauty--and psychotic tendencies--among the trolls. A master of the shadow hunter arts, she wields formidable hexes, curses, and healing magics.
  • War Master Voone – During the Second War, Voone led small strike teams on daring missions into the heart of high elven territory. The cunning troll joined the false Horde because he wanted to be its chief strategist, not because he believed in Blackhand's ideology. Voone sees the splinter faction as an underdog, and he enjoys the satisfaction of overcoming insurmountable odds.
  • Mother Smolderweb – Centuries ago, the Dark Iron dwarves dug into the lair of Mother Smolderweb, releasing the massive arachnid into the spire's halls. Her brood has continued to swell in number since that time, so much so that even Blackhand's forces fear traveling through Smolderweb's domain.
  • Urok Doomhowl – Doomhowl is the true leader of the spire's ogres. This sinister figure has charmed his trusted aid, Highlord Omokk, with insidious magic to control Doomhowl's minions in his stead. He has gone to great lengths to keep up this charade, ruthlessly killing any ogres who challenge the highlord's rule.
  • Quartermaster Zigris – After the First War, the orc hunter Zigris became infamous for tracking down Stormwind refugees and slaughtering them like game. He loathes Blackrock Spire's claustrophobic halls, but he is certain a day will come when he'll hunt in the open air again.
  • Halycon – Halycon comes from a long line of great worgs bred for their ferocity and loyalty. Over the years, the den mother has produced an astonishing number of savage offspring. Rumors have spread that she is a demonic hound gifted to Rend Blackhand by a pit lord of the Burning Legion.
  • Gizrul the Slavener – Very few of the Dark Horde have seen the reclusive and unpredictable Gizrul. The beast emerges from his shadowy den only when his mate, Halycon, calls to him. The two monstrous creatures have produced some of the largest--and most ferocious--worgs ever bred in orcish history.
  • Overlord Wyrmthalak – The black dragonspawn Wyrmthalak oversees the lower spire's forces as they prepare for their assault against the dwarves. He has no love for the false Horde or its brutish members, and he will sacrifice any number of Blackhand's minions to protect his master, Nefarian.
  • Pyroguard Emberseer – Long ago, Pyroguard Emberseer, a loyal minion of the mighty Ragnaros the Firelord, incinerated dozens of Blackrock orcs during a climactic battle at the Burning Steppes. Ultimately Emberseer was defeated and imprisoned within Blackrock Mountain, where his potent energy is now siphoned for use in accelerating the incubation of Nefarian's black dragon eggs.
  • Solakar Flamewreath – Gaining favor within the black dragonflight is a mixed blessing. Solakar Flamewreath is entrusted with the care of Nefarian's dragonspawn, but he has been warned he will pay a terrible price for any whelp that dies under his supervision--or simply fails to live up to expectations.
  • Warchief Rend Blackhand – After the Horde was defeated in the Second War, Rend Blackhand, son of the first warchief, brought the remnants of his clan to Blackrock Spire and fought the Dark Iron dwarves for possession of the stronghold. Rend allied his orcs with Nefarian and the black dragonflight, who routed the dwarves and expelled them from Blackrock's upper reaches.
  • The Beast – Nefarian's dragonkin take obscene delight in the barbaric torture of Ragnaros's captured minions. Despite suffering unimaginable agony, one core hound remained lucid enough to be retrained, and his ferocity makes him an ideal guard in the upper levels of Blackrock Spire.
  • General Drakkisath – A cunning and ruthless strategist, Drakkisath commands Nefarian's armies in the war with Ragnaros. After securing victories against the Dark Irons, General Drakkisath's forces are positioned to drive the dwarves out of Blackrock Mountain once and for all.