Razorfen Kraul

Quick Facts


  • Death Speaker Jargba – The Death Speakers of the Death's Head tribe serve two functions: to disseminate propaganda and to discipline those who refuse to obey Charlga Razorflank and, by extension, her mysterious new allies. Jargba has made a name for himself among the Death Speakers by dominating the very minds of dissidents, forcing them to accept the will of their leaders.
  • Aggem Thorncurse – Quilboar society has long favored shamanism, and a tribe's greatest shaman are named prophets of Agamaggan. Calling upon the power of their demigod ancestor, these prophets may summon boar spirits to aid them in battle much as other shaman call upon spirit wolves.
  • Overlord Ramtusk – The commander of the Death's Head military forces, Overlord Ramtusk is a massive aging quilboar whose thick hide bears the scars of many battles with centaur, harpies, orcs, and even tauren. Rather than being slowed by his advanced years, Ramtusk directs his troops with the swift and confident authority of a battle-forged veteran. Striking him down would surely deal a crippling blow to the Death's Head.
  • Agathelos the Raging – Boars are revered within quilboar culture, and particularly large and tenacious ones are seen as a favor from Agamaggan. Already a powerful creature, Agathelos has been fed Kraul bat guano, which produces a maddening effect, resulting in increased stamina and strength. The Death's Head plan to utilize Agathelos as a powerful weapon to crush all who oppose them.
  • Charlga Razorflank – The leader (or "crone") of the Death's Head and Razorfen tribes is Charlga Razorflank, a quilboar who experienced an unparalleled and meteoric rise to power. Her aim is to resurrect the demigod Agamaggan, but the dark and violent rituals Charlga and her minions perform are quite at odds with the Ancient's noble and protective demeanor.